A planet‑size plan.


Jetcube is carbon neutral and by 2030, all of our products will be too. 

We’re designing the world’s most innovative products from recycled materials. Soon we’ll make them all with clean energy and no carbon footprint. Some say it’s impossible. At Jetcube, we think different.

See the steps we’re taking.

Sustainability in the Cloud

Jetcube is committed to running our business in the most environmentally friendly way possible and achieving 100% renewable energy usage for our global infrastructure.

Circular Economy

We are minimizing waste, increasing recycling, and providing options for our customers to reuse, repair, and recycle their products—sending less material to the landfill and more back into the circular economy loop.


Jetcube is committed to reducing our environmental footprint through recycling initiatives in our own operations and for our customers. We are developing new recycling infrastructure, inventing recyclable packaging materials, and investing in initiatives that support the recycling industry across the U.S.



Jetcube is committed to making it easier for our customers to participate in making a positive impact on the planet and society.


Supply chain

Jetcube is strongly committed to conducting our business in a lawful and ethical manner, including engaging with suppliers who respect human rights, provide safe and inclusive work­places, and promote a sustainable future.


Employees and partners

Jetcube is creating a culture of sustainability, responsibility, and diversity across our business to amplify and deliver on our ambitious sustainability goals.


Packaging and products

We are redesigning packaging to reduce waste and making our private-label products in responsible ways.



We integrate sustainability practices into our everyday operations through goal-setting, metrics, and quarterly business reviews.