People come first.

In everything we do.

The highest standards apply at every level.

At Jetcube, people are at the heart of everything we do and everything we make. That means considering not only those who will use a product or service, but also those who help build it. So we hold ourselves and our suppliers to the highest standards to protect the people in our supply chain, and the planet we all call home. Our Supplier Code of Conduct is designed to uphold that commitment. From the sourcing of materials to the recycling of our products, we work with suppliers to ensure that our requirements are being met.

A safe and respectful workplace for everyone.

Workplace rights are human rights. We require suppliers to provide fair working hours, a safe work site, and an environment free from discrimination. These protections apply across the supply chain, regardless of a person’s job or location.

A global supply chain that works to protect the planet.

As we design, build, and recycle our products, we feel a profound responsibility to protect the earth. And as we develop innovative ways to reduce our impact, we share them openly so others can reduce theirs.